PPE - Covering the Essentials

To get started, you want to make sure that you have certain essentials in place. Here are some basic resources that you will want to start working on right from the beginning of your program.  

Update Your Resume. Your resume is a document that will either encourage a potential PPE employer to call you in for an interview or end up in a “reject” pile. Investing the time to update your resume is an essential first step. Please send your current resume to WGU Career & Professional Development for a review and let us know that you are preparing to enter your PPE.

Create a Proposal Letter. Before contacting potential PPE employers, take some time to think through what you have to offer and what you would like to gain from your PPE. Then prepare a proposal letter also known as a cover letter. The information you hope to gain can be found in your courses, PPE I Technical Level and PPE II Management Level.  You want to think about what you have to offer as well. This might include past experience or completed coursework. For more information on creating your proposal letter, please view this short video Finding & Creating Internships

Complete Employer Research. This is where you will want to start brainstorming possible host sites. What facilities are in your area? Do you have friends and family that work for healthcare facilities? Do you have established relationships with your own doctors? Remember, there are lots of options to choose from when thinking about healthcare facilities (ie. Hospitals, medical practices, insurance companies, Red Cross, etc.)

Engage Your Network. Networking continues to be the #1 tool above all other job search tools in finding and securing jobs. This means that, like it or not, networking needs to be a part of your search efforts if you want to advance in your PPE search. The key to networking is to look for opportunities to build connections that are mutually beneficial and approach your connections from a research perspective. WGU Career & Professional Development can assist you in creating networking strategies that will assist you in creating a sustainable network that you can tap into for potential ideas as you look to secure a PPE site.  

Get Connected. Social media goes hand in hand with networking in today’s job market and is very much a part of advancing and staying relevant in today’s work environment. LinkedIn is a great professional social media site that offers many ways to get connected. If you struggle with building your online presence or just want helping updating your LinkedIn profile, make sure to request assistance.

Conduct Informational Interviews. Once you have made connections with people in specific hospitals or medical facilities, you will want to set up informational interviews. This type of interview is different from a job interview because the purpose is information gathering. You get to ask the questions. This is your chance to get some candid advice about how to gain entrance into your desired facility. It’s important to keep in mind that you are NOT asking someone to find you a PPE site here. You are asking for tips, advice and information that will help you become a stronger candidate as you approach your desired internship sites. Be sure and join the WGU - Western Governors University Alumni & Students group on LinkedIn as this will allow you to connect with other students and alumni in Health Information Management who may have already completed a PPE and can offer you advice or recommendations.

BSHI Townhall Meetings. Did you know that Course Mentors in the BSHIM program host monthly meetings where they bring in former students who are now working in the Health Information Management field? All current BSHIM students and graduates can network and learn the latest news about the program, other students and graduates and find opportunities to learn skills and techniques that are working for others as they go through the program and the work in the industry. Webinar details include: