Professional Practice Experience (PPE)

The two Professional Practice Experience (PPE) courses are a required component of the Bachelor of Science, Health Information Management program. They have been developed to provide you with hands-on training in a professional setting. These experiences can be instrumental in helping you gain valuable insights, experience, and connections in the field of health information management. Both PPEs are unpaid internships with one set of 80 hours at a technical level and another set of 80 hours at a managerial level. You will need to identify several organizations in your area where you would like to complete your hours and you will work with your student mentor to determine when you should start contacting these sites to see if they will host you for one or both of your PPEs. The PPE internship search should be treated like a job search, as most of the components necessary to land a job are also part of securing a PPE internship.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Covering the Essentials
  3. Putting It All Together