Are you transitioning careers or lack work experience related to your program of study? It can be challenging to determine how to "get your foot in the door" when positions often ask for 2-3 years of relevant experience. We have compiled five strategies to help you build the skills and experience needed to land that first position. 

Explore Current Work Opportunities

Are you currently employed? If so, look for opportunities to utilize what you are learning in your WGU degree program to help your organization. Meet with your manager and explore new projects, duties, or tasks that would benefit you both!

Magnify Glass


Don't wait to build your professional network! Conduct informational interviews, join professional organizations, and utilize LinkedIn to network with industry professionals and WGU students and alumni.

Research Employers

Be creative and open-minded when pursuing experience in your field. Identify employers of interest who might be able to offer volunteer, internship, or entry-level opportunities.


Look around your community for small, start-up, or nonprofit businesses that align with your interests, values and curiosities. Volunteer your skills and develop new skills!

Secure an Internship

Identify and research opportunities that will allow you to gain the skills and experience needed to progress toward your career goal.