We don't have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it? - Erik Qualman

Whether you are searching for a job or happily employed, social media is a tool you will want to use to stay current in your industry, develop your network, and enhance your professional credibility. Here are some resources to provide assistance as you use social media to help you develop your professional brand.

Personal Branding Handout  - A guide to help you create your own personal brand.

Utilizing Social Media in Your Job Search  - This self-directed CareerBeam module provides tips and guidelines on using the current major social media venues for job searching and professional development.


Are you curious about how to incorporate LinkedIn into your career plan? Maybe you have a LinkedIn profile but are not sure what to do next? Our resources below shares basics on how to mobilize your LinkedIn presence in your career and job search.

Tips for Building a Great LinkedIn Profile - From the LinkedIn Official Blog, learn how having a strong LinkedIn profile can help you discover new opportunities.

LinkedIn for Students - Resources to let you know the benefits of a LinkedIn profile and presence, and to help you get started!

LinkedIn Profile Checklist - A comprehensive checklist created by LinkedIn with great tips on how to create an effective profile.

Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet Infographic - A visual guide to achieving profile perfection by

LinkedIn Help - Comprehensive resource to get answers to your LinkedIn questions directly from the source. 

Job Searching with LinkedIn - Tips from CareerBeam on using LinkedIn to job search.

WGU - Western Governors University Alumni & Students - Be sure to make this group one of the first groups you join to connect with other WGU students and alumni!


Twitter is one of the top forms of social media that recruiters use to advertise jobs and locate talent. It is also an effective medium for professionals to use to build and develop their professional brand, as well as connect with others in their industry. Our resources below discuss how to use Twitter as a job search and professional development tool. (Need help setting up a Twitter account? Visit Twitter Help Center.)

Twitter Resources - Links to helpful sites regarding general Twitter use, job searching, and social media management tools.

Job Searching with Twitter - Tips from CareerBeam on using Twitter to job search.

Additional Resources

Job Searching with Facebook  - Tips from CareerBeam on using Facebook in your job search.

YouTube for Video Resumes - A “how to” from CareerBeam on creating a video resume that you could put on the web.