Getting Started


Conduct research to determine an average salary range for the position you are seeking or currently in. Employers are much more likely to consider an objective salary figure that is supported by research.  Review the salary sites below to determine a typical salary range for the positions you are considering based on your skills, experience, education and location.

Glassdoor - The world's most complete data on real employees' salaries. Search salaries by company and by job title. Share your current (or past) salary information anonymously to gain access to the entire site’s salary and benefits data.

Indeed Salary Search - Uses keywords in addition to job titles. The results are based on an index of salary information extracted from more than 50 million job postings from thousands of unique sources over the last 12 months.

PayScale - Use this site to research what you are currently worth in your current job, evaluate a job offer, or explore salaries for a new job.

SalaryExpert - Provides reporting on salaries and cost of living from compensation professionals with tools to help make informed decisions when planning careers and searching for jobs.

SalaryList - Salary information comes from official government (United States Department of Labor) or company reporting. This site’s mission is to provide transparency in compensation and pay, and facilitate both employer and employee understanding of the compensation market.

Demonstrate Value

Determining a typical salary range is just the first step. You will also want to demonstrate the value you have brought or will bring to the employer. Highlighting your accomplishments, projects worked, awards, ways you have made and saved company money, and continuous learning and professional development participation will support your salary request.

Create a portfolio
Compile accomplishments