MSN - Nursing Informatics Career Resources

Information is power and provides insights when used as a part of an organization’s decision-making. The more data you have—and the better you are at analyzing that data—the more you can improve the health of individuals and populations. 

Nursing informatics is a specialized role that requires a combination of clinical knowledge and information systems. Below are some resources that will help you prepare to showcase your most relevant skills as you begin your journey as a Nursing Informatics professional

Core Skills

You have likely amassed hundreds of transferable skills throughout your career. It is important to identify and narrow in on the specific transferable skills that will be most valuable within Nursing Informatics.

Resume Resources

  • Resume Tutorial - This step-by-step resume tutorial walks you through the entire process of building a resume that is visually appealing, accomplishment rich and appealing to hiring managers.
  • Nursing Informatics Resume Sample - Download the resume sample in Word to use as a foundation to create your own resume.
  • After utilizing the resume tutorial and sample, a career advisor would be happy to provide a final review.  You can submit your resume for review to

Cover Letter Guidelines

Networking Tips

Networking is an essential skill for professionals looking to break into a new field. 

If you would like a career specialist to review your networking strategy, feel free to email us at to schedule an appointment

Interview Preparation

  • Big Interview - WGU Career & Professional Development is pleased to offer WGU students and alumni access to Big Interview, a free and comprehensive interview preparation and practice system.
  • Custom Nursing Informatics Interview Questions. Here are some specific questions provided from real-world interviews to help you prepare for your next interview.
  • After utilizing the Nursing Informatics interview tools, feel free to schedule a live practice interview with a career advisor by emailing