Health Information Management Transferable Skills Assessment

Getting Started

Transferable skills can be particularly helpful to professionals who are in the process of a career change. By definition, a transferable skill is a learned skill or ability that is considered “portable” - meaning you can take it into just about any situation.  For example if you were the President of a Home Owners Association, PTO President, Supervisor, or Volunteer Coordinator at an organization, you have evidence of leadership experience, and this experience can translate across different contexts and environments.

Most people have hundreds of different skills that would be considered transferable but it is important to narrow down the specific transferable skills that will be valuable to employers. 

Not sure which transferable skills apply to the field of HIM? Here are some resources that you can research:


Covering the Essentials

After identifying your transferable skills  relevant to HIM, take some time to complete this transferable skills assessment exercise.  You will need to show clear evidence of each skill by listing out examples of how you have used it in various situations.

Putting It All Together

Now that you understand how to identify your relevant transferable skills, you can build an effective resume and cover letter targeted for the HIM field.

  • Resume Resources - Utilize the resume resources that include a resume webinar, sample resumes, and resume builders for creating a resume that gets results.
  •  Cover Letter Resources - Review the cover letter resources that include a cover letter webinar, cover letter guidelines, and sample cover letters to help you write your letter.