Field Experience Resume Resources

The resume you are about to create is intended to assist you in securing your preclinical field placement. Many school districts request a resume to determine if they will accept a teacher candidate in their school. Follow the steps below to create a professional resume.

  1. Review the Field Experience Resume Guidelines.
  2. Download the Field Experience Resume Template in Word to create your own resume. View Sample Field Experience Resume.
  3. Finalize your resume using the Field Experience Resume Checklist.
  4. Upload your resume in Word format for submission and review (if the resume is submitted as a Google Document or PDF, you will receive an email requesting to resubmit your resume in Word).
  5. Implement any changes suggested by your Career & Professional Development Specialist and re-upload your new resume in place of the one you previously submitted. 
  6. Congratulations! These changes will assist you in achieving a stronger professional presence for the schools/districts where you would like to complete your field experience. 

Please note:  This resume is not to be used to apply for employment.  It is intended to assist you in achieving field placement for your TC program.  Once you complete your pre-clinical and demonstration teaching field experiences, you will need to update your resume to reflect your new skill set, credentials and experiences. 

Please contact WGU Career & Professional Development at for assistance when you begin applying for full time employment.

Cover Letter Resource

Some districts may request a cover letter, or letter of interest, from students interested in securing placement. Use the resource below to craft a strong cover letter. After creating a draft of your cover letter, you can send it to for review. 

Biography Resource

During the field experience process, some districts may request a biography from students interested in securing placement. A Field Experience Biography is not always a requirement, so please check with your Field Placement Coordinator to confirm if you have any questions.  

Career & Professional Development does not provide personalized reviews of biographies but has created the resource below to assist in the writing process.