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Please take advantage of the recordings available on a variety of career and professional development topics. If questions arise while viewing, please contact WGU Career & Professional Development.

CareerWise Live and Recorded Webinars

Financial advisors remind us to manage our money, but what about our careers? Creating a career plan and managing your career will provide the resources you need to not only enjoy life, but enjoy your retirement years. That’s where we want to help. We’ve lined up the nation’s top career authors to give you the knowledge you need to transition into any stage of your career – from student to retirement!  Join live career events or watch recorded presentations in the events library anytime. Sign-up today!

Career & Professional Development Recorded Webinars

3 Steps to Interview Success - How do you convince an employer that you really are the best person for the job? Learn the steps to interview success. This webinar will provide tools and techniques to succeed in your interviews, including information on behavioral interviewing.

Beyond Job Boards: 6 Effective Job Search Strategies - With thousands of job boards available online today, it can be easy to limit your job search to only applying to jobs found online. For increased job search success, consider incorporating these strategies into your job search.

Career Planning: Your Career On Purpose - Learn how to take control of your career through decision making, assessment, and research.

Finding & Creating an Internship - Considering an internship? Watch this brief presentation to learn more about how to find an internship, including some great tips on creating an internship.

Goal Setting - This 5 minute presentation provides an overview of using short term and long term goals in your job search.

How to be Successful at a Virtual Job Fair - Attending a virtual job fair and not sure what to expect? To make the most out of your next virtual job fair experience, watch this brief webinar on preparing for, attending, and following-up after a virtual job.

Interview Tips for Teachers - Angela Besendorfer, Chancellor of WGU Missouri and former teacher, principal, and superintendent, shares tips for interview success.

LinkedIn Learning Webinars - LinkedIn invites you to attend free online presentations or view pre-recorded sessions.

Resumes 101- A brief 5 minute recording which walks you through the process of creating an effective and targeted resume.

Stand Out with a Cover Letter - Has anyone told you that cover letters are an important tool in your job search? View this webinar to learn about the purpose of a cover letter and best practices for writing compelling job search correspondence.