If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there. - Robert Kiyosaki

Upwards of 85% of open positions are filled through networking ( If you are looking for work, focus your time on building your network rather than pouring through online listings. Networking is simply establishing and leveraging relationships through conversations with people who are and will become your friends and community of colleagues as you go through your career. Developing your network is easy because you know more people than you think you know. Start developing your network today by following these steps.

STEP 1 - Download the Networking Guide

Networking Guide: Download the guide for clearly defined steps on how to expand and leverage your network.

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The guide will teach you how to:

  1. Apply networking strategies and identify networks, industries and companies of interest
  2. Develop your brand and professional introduction
  3. Utilize social media/LinkedIn to help get you connected
  4. Develop your network
  5. Reach out to your network

STEP 2 - Stay Connected

Take advantage of all of the perks that come along with being a student or alum and leverage your WGU network!

STEP 3 - Reach Out to Career & Professional Development

As you complete the activities described in the guide, a Career Advisor is available to answer questions, provide clarification, and offer support.

To request an appointment: Send your questions, areas for clarification and a copy of your Networking Guide (complete with your own notes and progress) to and a career advisor will be in touch shortly after your email is received. 

We look forward to working with you!