Never wear a backward baseball cap to an interview unless applying for the job of umpire. - Dan Zevi

Big Interview

WGU Career & Professional Development is pleased to offer WGU students and alumni access to Big Interview, a free and comprehensive interview preparation and practice system. 

Big Interview Highlights:

  • Enhance your skills - Utilize Big Interview’s extensive curriculum to help you learn today’s best interviewing techniques!
  • Anticipate Questions – Visit the Question Library (within the “Practice” tab) and choose from dozens of interview sets sorted by industry and occupation to help you anticipate and prepare for those tough questions.
  • Practice - Record, review, and share your answers to help you gain feedback and improve your skills before your next interview.

Getting Started

  1. Go to the: Big Interview Link
  2. Login with your WGU Credentials

Quick Links

Once you are signed up, check out some of these helpful links.

  • Fast Track - Perfect interview tutorial to complete for when you have an interview coming up in the next few days. 
  • Build Your Interview Stories - Prepare to answer tough behavioral questions by choosing examples of you at your best and following guided tabs and advice for creating strong stories.
  • Tell Me About Yourself - A common question that is asked in most interviews, it is a question for which you must be prepared! 
  • Practice - Conduct a mock interview. Hundreds of interview question practice sets  are available through Big Interview. You can search by most common questions,  by industry, and by competency.  There are also question sets for government positions and veterans.
  • Dress for Success - Wondering how to dress for your next interview or career fair? This resource provides great, concise recommendations to help you look the part. Credit to Stetson University.
  • AssessmentDay.Com - Review free up-to-date advice, tips, tutorial videos, and practice tests to help you prepare for the psychometric tests that may be a part of the application process. 
  • How to Succeed at a Job & Career Fair - Job and career fairs are a great way to network with employers and learn about different companies. This is also a great way to learn about different hiring opportunities, and potentially interview for a position. 

Request Feedback

Be sure to practice your interview skills and get constructive feedback from a knowledgeable expert before your next interview. 

  • Share Your Practice Interview - Once you record your practice interview in Big Interview, email it to and one of WGU’s career services advisors will review your recording and share feedback with you.
  • Request a Mock Interview - In addition to recording a practice interview, schedule a mock interview with your career advisor for additional feedback and tips on interview best practices. You can email to request an appointment.