The purpose of the cover letter is to briefly expand upon the skills and experiences in your resume and to link them to the position that you are applying for. A cover letter is a one-page document targeted to the specific position you are applying for and directed to the company offering the position. When employers read your cover letter, they will be evaluating your writing ability; therefore, spell-check and proofread the cover letter multiple times to avoid grammar and spelling errors. The cover letter:

  • Showcases your writing style and ability
  • Tells the employer why are you uniquely qualified for this position
  • Gives you an opportunity to describe related skills and accomplishments in more detail
  • Lets the employer know that you are professional and proactive


Creating a Cover Letter

Stand Out with a Cover Letter - View a 6 minute webinar which walks you through the process of creating a customized cover letter.

Cover Letter Guidelines - A document which provides a step-by-step approach to drafting a cover letter.

Send it for a Review – Once you have utilized the above resources to craft and revise your cover letter, you can send it to our office for a review. To submit your cover letter, send an email with your cover letter attached (in Microsoft Word format) to