Taskstream is a powerful integrated suite of instructional design tools for the educator. The Unit Builder, Lesson Builder, Standards Wizard and Rubric Wizard provide curriculum development tools plus the convenience of saving your entire curriculum in one area, available from any computer with Internet access. Class web pages can be created quickly with the ability to password protect web pages in ensure security for your students and parents.

Upon graduation, WGU pays for a complimentary one year membership to Taskstream for you where you are able to edit and download your portfolio.  After this time, you can purchase your own membership to continue accessing your work or you can download your entire Taskstream portfolio to your own external hard drive. 

If you have published a weblink for your portfolio, that weblink will allow access to your portfolio whether or not the Taskstream account is active.  Anyone you give your published link to will be able to see your portfolio indefinitely.

To go straight to the Taskstream site and log in, click here.  

The download directions are as follows:

Log into your Taskstream account.  On the left side menu:

  1. Go to My Account Info or Click on the Resources tab.
  2. Under that page there are four tabs:
    • Mybrary
    • Cybrary
    • Manage Online Storage
    • Pack-It-Up
  3. Click on “Pack-it-up”
  4. Click on “Pick on Select Work to Package”
  5. You can then pick the folio that you want to download. The directions will walk you through the process.

Should you have any post download questions or difficulty with the download, please contact Taskstream technical support at