Determine your career goals and create a career plan to help you stay on track! Utilize the tools and resources in the pages below to learn more about yourself and the job market, determine your career goals, and create a strategic career plan to help you achieve job satisfaction and career success.

STEP 1 - Download the Career Exploration Guide

Career Exploration Guide:Download the guide for clearly defined steps in how to explore career options and set a clear career goal.  

The guide will teach you how to:

  1. Objectively assess your values, personality, interests, and abilities to identify potential career options that are a good fit for you
  2. Review degree guides, job functions, and industry data to gather information on common career areas for specific degrees
  3. Gather information about job duties, employment outlooks, salaries, and educational and training requirements for occupations and industries of interest
  4. Determine long term and short term career goals to assist in making progress along your career path        

STEP 2 - Career Planning

Now that you have determined a clear career goal, start putting a plan in place to reach that goal! Consider ways to gain experience to support what you are learning in your degree program, additional education and map out a plan!

  1. Synthesize information gathered and the goals you have set to put a comprehensive career plan in place
  2. Learn 5 ways to gain experience as you progress through your degree to ensure a smooth transition to a new career 
  3. Review graduate school resources if you are considering continuing your education